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Limited Warranty Policy
Post-Sale Repair/Replacements
The manufacturer will provide all authorized distributors limited warranty on its products for a period of 12 months from the date of product shipment.
If, within the warranty period, if the product has some problems caused by the quality of our products, the distributor must fill out the Request for Repair or Replacement form, complete with order number. Upon notification and verification, the manufacturer will ship required replacement parts to the distributor free of charge with the next scheduled shipment.

Sales Policy
After receiving an order in writing from our customer, we will review the details and then send a PI in reply within 3 working days, confirming pricing and delivery date. Order placement goes into effect after the customer has signed and returned the PI to us.
2.Delivery Date
Delivery cycle for standard products is 15-20 days; delivery cycle for customized products is 45 days. Please ask the sales for detail delivery plan.
If the customer can provide 3 months of advance order estimates, the delivery cycle can be shortened by 1 to 2 weeks.
For 1st time OEM products, delivery cycle is 1 to 2 weeks longer because everything have to be created and approved between factory and customer.
3.Payment Terms
We accept the following payment terms:
Wire transfer (T/T) received before shipment
For orders that exceed USD20,000, we accept L/C at sight
For first time customers or orders to us, a down payment proportionate to the order amount is required.
4.Authorization for Distribution
Our company accords Authorization for Distribution by countries and product models. There are 2 kinds of distributions: General Distribution and Exclusive Distribution
For General Distribution, there is no signed contract or minimum annual order quantity requirement.
For Exclusive Distribution, there is a signed contract and minimum annual order quantity requirement according to the market size.

Strategical Conception:
"Take people as the foremost, talent is the first resource for JECC"
Everyone is the talent. To make everyone find proper job position for oneself in JECC and give one's ability into full play, so as to contribute for promising and prosperous future!