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CS507 Access Floor System

Detailed Product Description

Item:OA low floor finish hight network calcium sulphate access flooring system
Description:galvanized steel top and bottom, with injecting-molded edge banded

CS507 calcium sulphate raised floor flooring (cable tank type) is in size of 500*500*28mm, specially designed for conveniently laying cables and wirings. Nowaday, various electric appliance, such as computer, air-conditioner, TV, telephone, fax machine, strong electricity, weak electricity, water wipe, wirings, network cables etc. Used in the intelligent buildings, all of these cables and wirings are spreading all over the floor place and makes floor space in disorder.
To quite conveniently solve such kind of problem, J.E.C.C. has developed CS507/WL calcium sulphate flooring with the cable tank. Due to the cable tanks being surrounded the CS507 panel, it is easy to lay cables and wirings. Moreover, in the same cable tank, strong electricity and weak electricity can be divided from each other.
After installation completed, cables and wiring is easily changed places or maintained as long as lifting the cable tank caps. The most features if CS507 is tis FFH35mm, so it is widely used in lower floors buildings and old buildings renovation.

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