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product overview

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our product is paving out a bringht and beautiful future.

"MIRO" Calcium sulphate Raised Access Floors is a kind of green building material. We only choose high quality and environmental-friendly raw materials for manufcturing our "MIRO" access floos panel.

From raw materials to finished products, we also take serious quality control in each processing stage.
We pledge: "MIRO" Calcium sulphate Raised Access Flooring System is 100% recyclable.

product overview
The desingh for modern office building requires optimal flexibility to achieve the most desirable effects, and J.E.C.C. MIRO Calcium sulphate raised access flooring system emerged as the times required, which has the great flexibility in the use of space, cabling, static dissipation, anti-jamming, full functional singal, and also in accordance with the special enviromental requirements of the automation technology in the information in intelligent building, where integrated the equipments, functions and information into a relevant and unified system, to achieve information sharing of various automation and control system, to create a more efficient office and more comfortable working space.

Engery Conservation and Ecological Protection is the eternal philosophy in developing new products.

Ecological Symmetry
The calcium sulphate raised access floor will not produce any pollution or damage to the environment during production and usage, and also the new raw material used is enviroment-friendly type. So the MIRO Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Floor can be recycled 90%-97% after it reached the service life, which caters very well to the mainstream in proposing enviroment protection.

The high-density MIRO Calcium sulphate Panels are manufactured by a good selection of raw material with a single pulse pressing procedure. The perfect combination of raw material and technologhy ensures the high quality of our products. The mineral adhesive we use is high quality hemihydrate, and nontonix, unbleached primary and secondary cellulose as reinforcement material. All the above ensures our products with excellent quality. The edge of this kind of panel are injecting-molded into one unit, the anti-static performance can reach 1*10 4Ω-1*10 6Ω, and system resistance can under 1*10  8Ω. The bottom sheet can be galvanized steel sheet or aluminium foil. 

The steadily increasing demand in using noncombustible decorative materials in office building, which makes the advantages of the function and safty of MIRO Raised Access Flooring System more understanding.

Highly Flexiblity
Standard panel thickness is between 24mm to 40mm, combined with special material mixtures, ensures MIRO calcium sulphate raised access floor achieve various loading requirements.

Acoustical Characteristics
The material structure, special design and highly production precision provide MIRO calcium sulphate raised access flooring system with excellent acoustic effects. The extremely walking comfort and noiseless builds a perfect working environment.

Electrostatic Characteristics
Electrostatic charges can be well discharged without reference to the panel material, which contributes to the inner coordination. The anti-static property will also in accordance with VDE0100 after apply with suitable veneer materials.

Air Ventilation
Either plastic or metal ventilation devices can be applied to MIRO calcium sulphate raised access flooring system, even steel  perforated panel is also compatible with the system, which is still accord with the requirements for underfloor air conditioning system after intallation. 

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