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Computer Projects: We are a professional group capable of designing, developing, manufacturing, installing and service providing, meanwhile, contracting many computer rooms projects, responsible of project design, installation, service-providing and construction.

A.Contracting design, decoration and construction of various computer rooms, communication computer rooms. (including air flow system of air conditioner,building a raised floor,raised floor systems products,access floor installation, purification system, power distribution and supply system, fire fighting alarm system, automatic fire ceasing system, sound system in conference room, TV monitoring system acoustics system, entrance guarding system, etc.)

B.Contracting installation and set-up of mechanical and electrical equipments in buildings, layout of cables in intelligent buildings (PDS), office automatic system, design and construction of computer network projects.

C.Panels design, manufacture and installation in EMS, EMI test room, electromagnetism shielded room, etc.


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