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Square Ceiling Panel(Blind Ceiling)

Detailed Product Description

Square Ceiling Panel(Blind Ceiling)

The backface of the ceiling panel is covered with black acoustic firer-esistant non-woven paper for sound absorption

    A. Lightness: The basic material of ceiling panel is the imported high strength aluminum sheet with porcelain polyester coating. The whole system-the panels, suspensions and accessories-is quite light in weight.
    B. Multi-color: Our clients can choose the color to match marble, glass screen wall, stainless steel partition, aluminum alloy doors and windows.
    C. Sound absorption: We cover the non-woven paper on the blackface of the perforated ceilings for sound absorption.
    D. Fire-resistance: Imported high strength aluminum sheet with porcelain polyester coating can meet the fire safety specifications.
    E. Air circulation: In rooms with perforated ceiling panels, air circulates between the panels and the concrete floor metal ceiling sheets .
    F. Convenience: The simple structure makes it easy to remove the ceiling panels.
    G. Elegance: Smooth surface and neat line makes the appearance of the ceiling quite elegant.

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