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Family used panel

We are access floor manufacturer from China,please view them and select the most helpful info for you. Besides,we also provide you with Family used panel related products such as CS900 Access Floor System and so on for your choice. Family used panel paste the bottom of high-quality galvanized steel, fire-retardant ABS plastic sides together using conductive frame, solid wood floor plate affixed to the surface layer, solid layer of rare natural grassland species, respectively, the thickness of 2mm-6mm, the calcium sulfate composite overhead wood flooring for high-grade office buildings, in the upscale residential villas, hotels, shopping malls, hotels and other venues, is a traditional solid wood flooring is a major reform, the pipeline can not embedded, easy installation, no nails, and other supporting material.
  • CS900 Access Floor System

    wood access floor

    Item: Calcium sulphate engineered wooden access flooring system
    Description: engineered wooden top, galvanized steel bottom, with injecting-molded edge baned
    wood access floor
    High quality galvanized steel sheet applized to the bottom of the CS900, applied inflamming ABS injecting-molded edge to the four sides, and engineered wood top. Its engineered wood is derived from a variety of rare batural tree species, thickness is 2mm-6mm. CS900 is applicable to medium and high-rank villa apartments, hotels, department store, pub, etc.
    Compared to the traditional engeered wooden floors, CS900 is a major breakthrough in filed of floors. It does not require prelaid, nail and other auxiliary materials.
    The minimum installation height of CS900 is 4cm, an no limit on maximum height, CS900features clean and aesthetic appearance, abrasion resistant and waterproof, no cracking, no deformation and no noise, which gives the feeling of " return to nature". CS900 is also a kind of superior raised access floor system with high-tech content in 21 century, and has been awarded many national patents.