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OA steel panel series

We are access floor manufacturer from China,please view them and select the most helpful info for you. Besides,we also provide you with OA steel panel series related products such as Steel raised floors and so on for your choice. Our company produces the OA steel panel series of products, moderate size, is the intelligent building an improved raised floor steel floor overhead, intelligent building activities in the whole first floor is a piece of overhead required only four screws fixed, and now convenient, only one screw can be fixed four to the floor, greatly facilitate the customers. In addition, we request the company for the customer is very happy to accept.
  • JS601 Steel raised floors

    steel raised floors

    JS601 Steel raised floors

  • JS501/502 Steel Raised Floor

    raised floor china

    JS501/502 JECC" steel raised floor JS501/502 for intelligent buildings:
    These kinds of raised floor with dimension 500*500*28 are specially designed for easy cables layout in intelligent buildings. The outside of the raised floor is made of high-quality zinc cold steel sheet, that is, the top is superior zinc cold steel of Shanghai Baosteel, and the bottom is superiorly deep-stretching zinc cold steel sheet imported from Korea Pasco.

    Advanced spot welding technical structure is applied to the top and bottom of the raised floor, and in the middle is filled with lightweight cement of special ingredients developed by JECC. In this way, the finished products feature high strength and durability. The surface of raised floor can be covered with various magnetic PVC or carpet tiles, making the appearance clean and beautiful, facilitating the cable layout. It,s classified as two types: one is with corner lock; the other is without corner lock..

    The supporting system is a structure with special designed aluminum head pedestals and the superior steel sheet bottom, the four corner-lock holes and aluminum head pedestals are directly locked stably, which makes position highly accurate, raised floor flat, structure simple and installation easy. After completing installation, all kinds of cables can be distributed and maintained as long as lightly lifting panels, so it is safe and convenient for users in process of using.

  • JS608 Single Corner Lock Raised Floor

    raised floor systems products

    steel panel with single corner lock, panel size:600*600*35mm

    These kinds of raised floor with dimension 600*600*35 are renewed floors for JS601 that can be fixed by four screws, but four pieces of floors can be fixed by one screw now, which does great convenience for customers.

  • JS506/JS606 Raised Floor with Cable Tank

    raised floor,raised floor supplier

    steel panel with cable tank, panel with corner lock, standard with aluminum pedestal, panel size:500*500*28/600*600*35

    JECC Steel Raised Floor with Cable Tank JS506/JS606 for O.A. Intelligent Building:This kind of raised floor with dimension 500*500*28 or 600*600*35 is specially designed for laying cables easily. Due to there are various electric appliances in the O.A. Intelligent Building, such as, computer, air-conditioner, TV, telephone, fax machine, etc, all of them bring many pips and wirings, including strong electricity, weak electricity, water pipe, wirings, net wirings, etc.

  • JS607 Functional Raised Floor

    raised floors accessories,functional raised floor

    "JECC" Steel Functional Raised Floor with Cable Tank 607 for OA Intelligent Building:
    Dimension 600*600*30 is specially designed for conveniently laying wiring, but raised height is very low (Generally, less than 8cm). This kind of panel not only gets the advantages of JS606, but also can lay wiring in the lowest height, meanwhile in the same cable tank, the strong electricity can separate from each other. After installation, wires and pipes can be laid and maintained as long as lifting the cap of cable tank lightly. So when the panels come into market, they attract lots of consumers and enjoy high reputation.