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Our products are laying a better future, "Jimei Hua Luo" calcium sulfate floor meet environmental protection requirements. We only use high quality materials, environmental pollution, only the raw materials to part of the production process, layers of strictly controlled. We are committed to "Jimei Hua Luo" calcium sulfate floor is 100% recyclable product. The emphasis is on the design of modern office building with the most flexible way to achieve the best results, and the "Law of China Jimei" elevated calcium sulphate raised floor is in this trend came into being. It has the flexibility, the pipeline without embedded, anti-static, anti-interference, to ensure the full benefits of the Advisory equipment, adapted to the intelligent building automation technology in the information environment in which the specific requirements of the building bear the separation of equipment, functions and A related Internet information integration, coordination of the system to achieve the operating and control systems to share information, so that the extent of modern office more efficient, more comfortable office space. We are access floor manufacturer from China,please view them and select the most helpful info for you. Besides,we also provide you with Product overview & features related products such as product features and so on for your choice.
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    building raised floor systems

    our product is paving out a bringht and beautiful future.
    building raised floor systems
    "MIRO" Calcium sulphate Raised Access Floors is a kind of green building material. We only choose high quality and environmental-friendly raw materials for manufcturing our "MIRO" access floos panel.

    From raw materials to finished products, we also take serious quality control in each processing stage.
    We pledge: "MIRO" Calcium sulphate Raised Access Flooring System is 100% recyclable.

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    raised access floors
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